New Products

At KEYENCE, terms like "World's First", "World's Fastest", "Industry First", and "Best in Class" come standard with our products. With on-site problem-solving experience accumulated since its establishment in 1974, we understand the industries we serve, enabling us to provide optimal solutions.


Microscopes / Laser Microscopes

3D Optical Profilometer VR-6000 series

  • High-precision 3D measurement of an entire surface in as little as 1 second
  • Rotational scanning on a wide variety of materials
  • Measure nearly any callout with a single device

Vision / Barcode Scanner

Vision Sensor with Built-in AI IV3 series

  • AI-based imaging and detection for easy usability
  • All-in-one presence detection solution
  • Smart camera and compact model for use anywhere


Compact Laser Sensor LR-X series

  • Compact & robust design for use anywhere
  • Stable detection of any target
  • Unmatched ease of use
  • Integrated impact/bump alarm

Vision / Barcode Scanner

Ultra-High Resolution Cameras

  • Simplified inspections with greater accuracy
  • High-speed operation with LumiTraxTM support
  • Camera with built-in angle sensor


Programmable Logic Controller KV-8000 series

  • Record, play back, and analyze faults to apply fixes quickly. All device data can be recorded
  • Program-less communication options with KV-X COM
  • Use KV-X MOTION for positioning/motion control


Touch Panel Display VT5 series

  • Windows OS embedded HMI with machine operation recorder playback function(VT5-WX)
  • Supports large equipment with complex functionality (VT5-X/W)
  • Get the same functions as the VT5 on your PC

Microscopes / Laser Microscopes

3D Surface Profiler VK-X3000 series

  • Nanometer, micrometer, and millimeter measurements in one system
  • Triple scan approach enables measurement of any target
  • Advanced roughness, film thickness, and surface quantification

Measurement Sensors

Telecentric Measurement System TM-X5000 series

  • Accurate results even for misaligned targets
  • Accuracy guaranteed over the entire field of view
  • Easy 3-step configuration

Measurement Systems

Image Dimension Measurement System IM-8000 series

  • Three Times the Detection Performance of Conventional Models
  • Automatic Measurement on up to 300 Part Features in Seconds
  • 360° Rotary Fixture for Multi-surface Measurement

Handheld Computers

Handheld Computer BT-A500 series

  • Instant reading of any codes and printed text
  • Fast one-handed operation with hard-keys and touch panel
  • Highly durable structure for tough conditions
  • Runs on Android™ OS

Measurement Sensors

2D/3D Laser Profiler LJ-X8000 series

  • High precision measurements performed inline
  • Compatible with all materials
  • Set up in 3 easy steps

Measurement Systems

Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine  XM series

  • Portable, Shop Floor CMM
  • Comparing the shape of a part with 3D CAD data
  • Export Measured Elements

Measurement Sensors

Image-Based Laser Sensor IX series

  • Stable height-based detection even with single-color targets
  • Automatic detection even with misaligned and tilted targets
  • Simultaneous detection of component presence and incorrect seating with a single device

Laser Marking Systems / Continuous Inkjet Printers

3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker MD-X series

  • Built-In Vision
  • Autofocus Anywhere
  • Data-Driven Analytics

Vision / Barcode Scanner

Logistics Code Reader SR-5000 series

  • Reliable reading even for packages of different sizes
  • Stable reading even on high-speed lines exceeding 150 m/min
  • Three tools for incredibly simplified installation

Vision / Barcode Scanner

3D Vision-Guided Robotics 3D VGR series

  • Industry-Leading Performance and Operation
  • Automatic Path Planning
  • Run simulations based on the actual workplace

Laser Marking Systems / Continuous Inkjet Printers

Continuous Inkjet Printer MK-G series

  • Self-diagnosis followed by automatic cleaning when necessary
  • No need to worry about water exposure
  • Advanced correction of print details simply by scanning text


Safety Controller GC series

  • Easy & Flexible Integration
  • Intuitive Software
  • Unparalled Monitoring

Vision / Barcode Scanner

Inline 3D Inspection 3D Vision series

  • Extremely accurate 2D & 3D inspection over the entire field of view
  • Hardware designed for high accuracy
  • Stable inline 3D inspection for a variety of applications and industries

Measurement Systems

Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine WM series

  • Maximum measurement range 10m 32.8'
  • No movement restrictions with the wireless probe
  • 3D CAD comparison / CAD export

Measurement Systems

3D Scanner CMM VL series

  • Full 360° 3D measurement
  • Comparison with CAD data
  • Guaranteed accuracy throughout the measurement space